For those of you who don't know him, Dr. Scott Weingart is a New York based emergency and critical care physician. He is a powerhouse of education and training in this specialist area, writing books and articles and speaking at top end conferences and workshops. He is someone I have gotten to know through various contacts and consider him a friend.

Scott runs his own site, called EM Crit, which is a fantastic resource, choc full of everything critical care, from procedures to cutting edge concepts through to the more mundane aspects of the specialty. He has a talent for getting really interesting and experienced people on to his podcast to discuss topics. over the past year or so, there has been a vogue for exploring the cognitive and behavioural aspects of acute care medicine and decision making (See some of the links below). Last week Scott posted a talk by a guy called Mike Lauria, who sounds really down to earth but is clearly a thoughtful practitioner. There is more about him on Scott's site,so I won't repeat it here.

Mike Lauria (@ResusPadawan)

The talk is essentially about critical decision making in high stakes environments. It is drawn from Mike's experience in the U.S. military and flight para-medicine and it is fantastic. Mike elegantly weaves all of the topics that I've heard discussed regarding performance psychology for clinicians into a single presentation. He covers everything from Boyd's OODA loop and Kahneman's "Thinking fast and slow" through to strategies for cognitive unloading, building in trajectory rally points and stress inoculation. It is a work of art and there are very practical lessons and pointers to take away and use straight away.

So, enough from me, go and check it out now - EM Crit: MotR – Mike Lauria on “Making the Call”

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