Well, this is a bit new. If you are a doctor or engineer in training, are thinking about how to combine this with your interest in motorsport and you have somewhere between nine and eighteen months spare to fill with something a bit different, the FIA are offering a scholarship that you might want to think about.

Here's the deal. The FIA are looking to churn through their existing research and maybe get a few new projects going. So they are offering a scholarship position with the newly established Global Institute for Motor Sport Safety (GIMSS ... mmm, could have thought that acronym out some more). It's a paid position, with the money coming from a research prize fund named after Prof Sid Watkins, that requires a minimum two days per week commitment as well as the ability to attend regular meetings at their head office in Geneva (which makes this more likely to be attractive to European applicants rather than someone from Australasia, Africa or the Americas).

The FIA press release announcing the scholarship is here: Watkins Scholarship Open to Applications

The position and application details are here: SID WATKINS SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION INFORMATION

If I wasn't in full time employment already, I might have given it a shot, but hey ... if you do land the job, let me know how it turns out.