Posted by Matthew Mac Partlin on Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sorry about the long gaps between posts. I've been working on some collaborative projects that have taken up time usually put aside for motor sport medicine. They've been mostly centred around the other site that I'm involved in, the Intensive Care Network, along with an emerging online medical education movement called FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation), which I'll do a separate post about. If you can't wait, you can find out more by doing a Google search or starting with the Life In The Fast Lane page on FOAM.

An aspect of FOAM is the use of Twitter to pass on and discuss topics, opinions and controversies in medical care, which has been taken on with gusto by ED, ICU, pre-hospital and anaesthetic practicioners. So while it's been difficult to put aside a chunk of time to write up a post on the site, I've been active on Twitter. And it has been an amazing experience; teasing out critical care issues and sharing opinions and experience with smart, enthusiastic individuals who range from trainees to research generating geniuses. It has been a truly enriching journey so far.

So, I've added a panel to the Rollcage Medic home page that keeps track of my tweet-stream. That way, even if you don't want to dive into the whole Twitter thing, you can still keep up with the conversations.

Yes some of it is vacuous and silly, but there is also high quality material to be found. The last two conferences that I've been to, I've found that there were fewer advances or key papers that I hadn't at least heard of - Not all just from Twitter, but through other resources such as Google+ Hangouts, blogsites that I follow and one or two newsgroups.

So, keep an eye on the tweet-stream on the frontpage and if you like what you see, maybe you'll take the plunge and I'll be retweeting your comments.

Have fun