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Motorsport Safety Reseach Scholarship

Posted by Matthew Mac Partlin on Thursday, April 23, 2015, In : Notifications 

Well, this is a bit new. If you are a doctor or engineer in training, are thinking about how to combine this with your interest in motorsport and you have somewhere between nine and eighteen months spare to fill with something a bit different, the FIA are offering a scholarship that you might want to think about.

Here's the deal. The FIA are looking to churn through their existing research and maybe get a few new projects going. So they are offering a scholarship position with the newly establ...

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FIA Institute Medicine in Motorsport Summit 2014

Posted by Matthew Mac Partlin on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, In : Conferences, courses & events 

Well, I'm back in Sydney after 5 days in Doha, Qatar, attending the FIA Institute's Medicine in Motorsport Summit, which is run parallel to the FIA's Annual General Assembly. The AGA is where the year is reviewed and the technical specifications and regulations for the next year's season are finalised. It finishes off with the prize-giving ceremony for the various championship categories, including Formula One, World Rally Championship and World Endurance Championship.

Similarly, at the biannu...

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