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Cases from the races at SMACC GOLD

Posted by Matthew Mac Partlin on Thursday, August 7, 2014, In : Conferences, courses & events 
Back in March I posted a podcast that I recorded at the smaccGOLD conference with Northern Irish anaesthetist and motorbike race doc, John Hinds, and Aussie anaesthetist and motorsport doc, Brent May. The talk that John had been invited to SMACC to give has been released on the other site that I'm involved with, the Intensive Care Network. The pro-con debate between John and Brent on the usefulness or not of cricoid pressure in airway management is also available on the ICN site.

John's "Cases...
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Podcast 7 released

Posted by Matthew Mac Partlin on Wednesday, April 2, 2014, In : Podcasts 
Last week I put up a podcast recorded at the smaccGOLD conference with John Hinds (Irish Anesthetist, Intensivist, Prehospitalist and Road Racing doctor) and Brent May (Australian Anesthetist, Prehospitalist and Motorsport doctor). We discussed the hazards of providing medical cover at long distance events, the differences between circuit and closed public road motorbike events and some injury patterns to be aware of.

Podcast 7 - Irish road racing and Australian circuits with John Hinds and Br...
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