Posted by Matthew Mac Partlin on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So I've decided to have a go at this podcasting business. Everyone is doing it and I've learned a bit about it from work that I've done with the Intensive Care Network and from friends who run sites like Life In The Fast Lane, EM Crit, the P.H.A.R.M., BroomeDocs and the Ultrasound Podcast. How hard can it be?

Well, as you might be about to see, it's actually kind of tricky; especially the first time around.

I got talking to Luke Bennett recently and he told me about the Masters he has embarked upon. Luke is an RFDS doctor in Western Australia with a Queensland critical care background who has done a ton of work in motor sports. He'd just finished the first of a series of review papers and I asked him if he'd be happy to talk about it and record it as a podcast. So, we sat down the other day and set up a Google Hangout, I got Screencast-o-Matic up and running and we started recording. It's a bit scratchy in places, thanks to the bandwidth limitations at either end, but it is easy to listen to. Feel free to leave comments and correct our inadequacies in the Comments section below.

I hope to do more of these and get a couple of different people on to talk about different topics in motor sport medicine and rescue.

At the moment its easier to record videos, but once I got an iTunes account up and running I'll have an audio only version to go with each release.

So on with the podcast ...

Exercise associated Hyponatremia with Luke Bennett from Rollcage Medic on Vimeo.

For an audio-only version: