Training as a team is really important. Technical skills are honed, communication becomes targeted and succinct and deficits are identified and can be troubleshot. Organising and running team training sessions takes a lot of work and commitment on everyone's part, but it pays dividends.

The Social Media And Critical Care (SMACC) conference does its best to evolve each year and seeks to explore some of the outer edge areas of acute care medicine. Last year's conference was held in Dublin and amongst many of the well run prehospital workshops was a session on motorsport medicine. It consisted of a motorcycle road race scenario played out by the MCI Medical Team (with whom Dr John Hinds formerly worked), followed by an expert panel discussion that covered topics such as the differences and similarities between civilian and motorsport prehospital medicine, impact brain apnoea and managing celebrity patients in the age of social media.

There is a lot of good stuff in here, so it is a well spent 36 minutes.

Here is the video:

If you just want the audio (but really, watch at least the simulated scenario), here it is:

These media were originally released via the SMACC website here: Motorcycle simulation -