Covid-19 has been a devastating disease. Not often has one illness stopped the world in its tracks and forced a global response. And there have been some fine examples of how were are capable of pulling together, sharing information, repurposing processes and ourselves to find our way past this.

Motorsport has, like many industries and sports, been on hold since mid March, at least in the physical world. The virtual world or e-sports has had a major chance to shine, at least for those who can access it.

Slowly the world is re-emerging, though not equally and not everywhere. Sport is preparing to get active again and motorsport is looking to join in. But for the moment at least, it is a different world that we are playing in.

We decided to explore the impact that the SARS-CoV-2 viral infection has had on different parts of the world generally and on motorsport and start to look at what motorsport in the era of Covid-19 might look like. So we recorded this podcast.

Tell us how it has been in your part of the world. What challenges have you been faced with at work and at race tracks. Have you had any discussions on how to get racing again? What do you think motorsport and rescue and medical responses might need to do to adapt? Or should this all be put on hold until 2021 or an effective vaccine is developed? 

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