I've been chasing this podcast for a while now. My guest for this one is Mr Don DiGiglio, who has been the medical communications operator for the Formula 1 GP since it started in Adelaide. At the recent WRC Rally Australia in Coff's harbour I finally managed to convince Don to sit down over a cup of tea and a choccy bickie and chat about this often under appreciated role.

It can be a tricky job, balancing the communication demands of the medical and rescue teams as well as what is going on in race control. And there are additional aspects that Don brings up that many people may not be aware of.

Here's a picture of the Formula 1 race control room from 2014:

This is the race control at the V8 Supercar event from August of this year:

And here is the rally base control room at the 2011 WRC Rally Australia:

So sit back and enjoy Don's velvety tones.

If you are interested in getting stuck into some motorsport medicine, follow this link - Links and Resources - to find some of the main players, or email me at rollcagemedic@gmail.com.

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