Naomi Deakin is a trauma fellow pursuing a PhD in England. No strange thing amongst doctors who are trying to carve out a place and career for themselves. Except that few choose motorsport medicine as an area to chase down that higher qualification. And yet why not? It's a fertile area full of possible aspects to explore.

Yet if you go looking for clinical advancement topics in motorsport your search will not take too long. There's just not that much too be found. This is odd for a profession who have clung to the tenets of evidence based medicine for their daily practice.

So, is no one doing any research in motorsport medicine and if not why not? Or is it out there somewhere sobbing gently in a dark and dusty basement craving the sunlight of publication?

Naomi and I discuss research in motorsport medicine (as opposed to motorsport in general) and try to unpick why there is such an apparent lack of it, the barriers to generating and disseminating it and spot some of the research hot spots coming in the near future.

The podcast was recorded using Skype with me in a back room at my parents house in Dublin and Naomi in her house in England. There are a few jumps and gaps throughout the recording and early into it my father decided to crack open his favourite movie score tracklist on Spotify in the room next door; but think of it as ambience.

Here's the podcast:

If you are interested in getting started in research in this field or have material that you want to get published somewhere, here are some starting points: