What's it like to crash at over 150kph? What's it like to be crashed into? What about being engulfed in a fireball while strapped into your seat by a combination of a 6-point harness, communications wiring, ventilation and drinks tubing and a window safety net? And what is it like to have a medical response team haul you out of your broken car and start working on you right there?

If you race for long enough and push hard enough there is a statistical likelihood that this will happen at some point.

It's tough to find someone who will discuss this topic as professional drivers tend to be a superstitious bunch and this is a touchy area to acknowledge. Yet getting an insight into the competitor's perspective is so valuable for medical responders at any sporting event; not just motorsport.

Karl Reindler is a professional race car driver who knows exactly how all of these things feel like. He's also an eloquent and candid guy who is prepared to talk about this side of racing. I've chased him for a year to do this podcast (my fault, not Karl's) and last weekend we managed to find a shared 20 minutes to go through it.

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