Motorsport championships are heating up. As is the approaching Australian summer. So let's crack on with the second half of the podcast that I recorded with Fire Specialist and Motorsport Rescue Technician, David Dalrymple.

In Part 2 we cover:
  • Fire suppression and extinguishing agents.
  • Standards, recommendations and regulations.
  • The NFPA 610 regulations for fire response at motorsport events.
  • David's forthcoming article on two new mask respirators for fire management safety. David's First Responders Fire and Rescue course for Motorsports at the Tim O'Neill Rally School in September.

Here's the podcast:

Here are the resources and references:

David's Twitter Handle @carslayer (Get in contact if you want to join in on the Motorsport Emergency Rescue Education discussion group)

Financial incentives disclaimer: David Dalrymple runs the Roadway Rescue agency and works with the Team O'Neill Rally School to provide his motorsport rescue training. Other than these, David claims no financial conflicts of interest to declare about any of the brands that he refers to during this podcast. As for me, I would dearly love to have some financial conflicts to declare, but alas I'll still be heading off to work on Monday.