Posted by Matthew Mac Partlin on Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I feel like I've scored big this time. I'm on the podcasting steam train and this one's a gem. The audio quality could be better, but it was recorded over a mobile phone line on speaker phone.

I emailed Dr Terry Trammell after reading an article that he co-authored with Kathy Flint and asked if he would be prepared to sit down to record a podcast interview. And being a gentleman, he agreed. I can't share a link to the article with you, as there isn't one; but if you can track it down, here's the reference:

Spine fractures in Drivers of Open-Wheeled Open Cockpit Race Cars. Terry Trammell and Kathy Flint. ASPETAR Sports Medicine Journal (3) December 2012, 196-202.

Terry has a long history in motorsports, having worked with CART (now the Champ Car World Series) and IndyCar and been one of the founders of the International Council of Motorsport Sciences, as well as an FIA Institute founding member.

We recorded nearly an hour of conversation, which I've edited into two parts. This is is the first part and we introduce the article on spinal injuries in open wheel, open cockpit racecars as well as the value of real-time data-gathering and motorsport trauma registries.

There are links for some of the items and resources that we discuss in the podcast below.

You can also download this podcast on iTunes at the Rollcage Medic Podcast


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