In Part II of this podcast interview, Rik and I talk about the responsibilities and tasks that occupy a motorsport chief medical officer's time during and after an event.

We also take a look at some tips, advice and sources of information for budding CMOs and how the role is being developed in the context of a wider evolution of the provision of rescue and medical service provision at motorsports events.

Resources & links

DRIVE.DR - A checklist of items that need to be put in place for a motorsport event and of the processes that are considered for every injured competitor:
  • Discovery
  • Response
  • Initial intervention and extrication
  • Verification of injuries and stabilisation for transport
  • Evacuation
  • Definitive care
  • Rehabilitation and repatriation

FIA Medical Regulations - Includes Appendix H (The FIA's medical and rescue resource requirements for an FIA sanctioned event), licensing criteria and anti-doping regulations

CAMS Medical Standards - The medical and rescue resource requirements and anti-doping regulations for a CAMS sanctioned event in Australia

Medicine in Motorsport (FIA - 1st Edition) - Read the textbook here online. It is currently being updated and a new edition is expected relatively soon.

FIA Proposed education & training restructuring.