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Motorsport and Covid-19 - Part 1

May 18, 2020

Covid-19 has been a devastating disease. Not often has one illness stopped the world in its tracks and forced a global response. And there have been some fine examples of how were are capable of pulling together, sharing information, repurposing processes and ourselves to find our way past this.

Motorsport has, like many industries and sports, been on hold since mid March, at least in the physical world. The virtual world or e-sports has had a major chance to shine, at least for those who can access it.

Slowly the world is re-emerging, though not equally and not everywhere. Sport is preparing to get active again and motorsport is looking to join in. But for the moment at least, it is a different world that we are playing in.

We decided to explore the impact that the SARS-CoV-2 viral infection has had on different parts of the world generally and on motorsport and start to look at what motorsport in the era of Covid-19 might look like. So we recorded this podcast.

Tell us how it has been in your part of the world. What challenges have you been faced with at work and at race tracks. Have you had any discussions on how to get racing again? What do you think motorsport and rescue and medical responses might need to do to adapt? Or should this all be put on hold until 2021 or an effective vaccine is developed? 

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Scramble to turn 1 - Extrication decision making

April 19, 2020
The Motorsport Medicine and Rescue Mastery Podcast

Key messages

Exrtication modalities: Self – Rapid – Programmed

Balance patient needs with the time available

Know your equipment, your team and your options

As the clinical condition changes, extrication tactics may need to change


Related to making a rapid clinical assessment and early code communication, is the decision on how best to get the comp...

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Scramble to Turn 1 - Initial assessment and communication

March 2, 2020
The Motorsport Medicine and Rescue Mastery Podcast - Season 1, Episode 4

Initial Assessment and Communication

Everything is going smoothly so far and you're at the side of the crashed race car looking at the driver. The race has been brought under the control, nothing is burning and the car's electrics have been disabled. The focus is now largely on the clinical needs of the potentially injured competitor and there are several parts that go into the next few decisions that need to be made.


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The Motorsport Medicine and Rescue Mastery Podcast - Number 3

January 20, 2020

Scramble to Turn 1

Incident safety and logistics - PART 3 - Approaching the scene safely


Personal safety comes before patient safety.

Safety is a responsibility of all crew members.

Zero point survey & S.T.E.P. U.P. strategy


As medical professionals we are all aware of the need to approach a critical scene safely. It's drilled in from Basic Life Support (

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The Motorsport Medicine and Rescue Mastery Podcast - Number 2

December 29, 2019
Scramble to Turn 1

Incident safety and logistics - PART 2 - Entering the track safely

Don't assume the track is safe just because race control says “Scramble”

Keep a 360 degree look out for hazards

The safety of your crew is everyone's responsibility

“Victor 1, Victor 1, stand by!"

If the call to standby comes in, the crew belts up with personal protective equipment (PPE) on, the vehicle's engine is on and ready to enter the track if needed and everyone is listening to the radio communicati...

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The Motorsport Medicine and Rescue Mastery Podcast

December 12, 2019

Scramble to Turn 1

Incident safety and logistics - What is a First Response Vehicle?

So you and your crew are sitting in your intervention vehicle (radio call sign “Victor 1”) just off to the side of pit exit. The morning has gone well so far and everyone behaved themselves during qualifying. The race is a few laps in and things seem to be settling into a rythmn.

Over the radio comes a message from Race Control that ruins the peace:

“Victor 1, Victor 1, Standby!”

What is a first interventi...

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Podcast 28 - Error recovery, High stakes preparation and Post event debrief with WRC driver Hayden Paddon

November 21, 2018

The final leg of the 2018 World Rally Championship was held last weekend in Coff's Harbour and I was there as part of the rescue and medical response team and the deputy CMO. Months of work and preparation paid dividends as this year's winning driver, co-driver and manufacturer were all determined at this end of season event.

We held our CPD accredited "Rescue and Resuscitation in Motorsport Workshop" on Thursday afternoon, running three simultaneous scenarios that included a partially submerg...

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Podcast 26 and 27 - Concussion in Sport with Prof David Hughes (AIS)

May 30, 2018

David Hughes is a sports physician. He's a professor too. And he got together with two of his colleagues, Lisa Elkington and Silvia Manzanero, to sift through the joint consensus statement on concussion in sport that went through its most recent update in Berlin in 2016 and come up with a position statement on concussion in sport for Australia. The position statement was a collaboration between the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Australian Medical Association (AMA); so this is bi...

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Podcast 25 - Crew Resource Management in Motorsport Rescue and Safety - David Hakim

April 4, 2018

David Hakim is an anaesthetist (anesthesiologist) who lives, works and chases race cars in Canada. He gave one of the talks at last year's ICMS annual general congress in Indianapolis. The topic he chose was one that he has spent some time exploring in order to try to streamline how motorsport rescue and safety is practiced by the team that he works with. 

This exploration led him to learning more about how we think and behave in certain situations and, more importantly, what we can do about i...

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Podcast 24 - ICMS ACG 2017 Day 2

January 12, 2018

And so to the final day of the ICMS annual congress. Following on from day 1, today covered:

  • A description of the Billy Monger / Patrick Pasma Formula 4 crash at Donnington Park along with the interventions and follow up thereafter.
  • An overview of and updates to the FIA's RaceTrue anti-doping program
  • The Dan Q Marisi Lecture
  • A panel presentation on developments in occulovestibular reflex testing and its application to concussion assessment in motor sport
  • A presentation on the physical and physiolo...

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